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Peer Networking - An important benefit of joining the Rental Housing Professionals is the opportunity to meet and learn from other people who share similar experiences.  No matter how long you have been in the rental housing business there is always some new idea that can improve the operation of your business.   People who are new to the rental housing business have much to gain from networking with the more experienced members who have knowledge acquired over decades in the business.   Mentoring provides the support necessary for the newcomer to grow their business.   It also helps those who have well established business by increasing demand for quality rental property.  Strong demand supports the values of our investments.

We connect our Chapter members at meetings where topics important to the rental housing business are discussed, at social gatherings where we get the chance to know each other on a personal level and all Rental Housing Professional members have access to our discussion forums that are available at   Discussion forums can be created on any topic and the conversations remain on the site so the information can be accessed in the future. 


Training-The Rental Housing Professionals offer periodic training classes on subjects like tenant screening to help our members with the day to day operation of their business.  Knowing how to properly interpret a credit report or techniques on how to market property are important skills for  property managers to have.


Ask an Attorney- One of our discussion forums is dedicated to legal questions.  Members can post their questions.  The Rental Housing Professionals partners with attorneys who are members of this forum and will provide answers to issues that can be addressed simply.  For complex issues members can use this forum to find an attorney with expertise in the area of law in question.


Service Directory- We all need reliable vendors to work with.  When you need a plumber and you need them now, having access to name and number of a reliable contractor is important.  We encourage our members to share their experience with vendors who provide good service and use those referrals to build the Rental Housing Pro Service Directory. 


Property Contact Directory- Sometimes situations develop at rented property which management would like to be made aware of.   It could be a code violation or a disturbance caused by people at our properties.   The Rental Housing Professionals provide our members a Property Contact Directory so that local officials can have a phone number of a person to contact who can respond to a problem.  This fast and efficient means of communication helps reduce the need for code enforcement notices being used to communicate problems and helps mangers address nuisance behavior quickly.  Supporting the quality of life for our residents and the neighbors of our properties is beneficial to us all.