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Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the most important jobs for property managers.   You probably wouldn’t hand a stranger a stack of money and ask them to give it back to you in a year.  Giving a stranger control of your unit is like trusting a stranger with money.  Your unit has value far greater than a security deposit.  It is much easier to hand someone the key to your property than it is to get it back.  Before handing over keys it is important to know as much as possible about the person you are trusting with your property. 

The Rental Housing Professionals offers tenant screening services that can be tailored to fit your business.  Whether you take paper applications or have prospective tenants apply on line, we can help you.   Tired of paying the costs of screening applications?   Our system allows the prospective tenant to pay their application fee directly when submitting an on line application.  You can even prescreen online applications before processing to avoid screening fees for obvious unqualified applicants. 

We have multi-level screening packages to meet your needs.  From a credit report only to complete background evaluation, you choose the level of service you want.   With Quick Lease Pro, our online application system, you can even input your lease into the system and automatically complete the lease document from the information on the application you accept. 

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Tenant Referral

A good indication of how a prospective tenant will behave is past rental history.  Speaking with a former landlord can provide insight into how the prospective tenant maintained their household, managed problems that could affect their tenancy, and if they were committed to honor the lease agreement. 

 The Association of Rental Housing Professionals provides our members a Tenant Referral Directory to help you connect with former landlords and discuss the pros and cons of prospective tenants.   You can post a former tenant’s name along with your contact information to offer referrals on tenants to other members.  When screening applicants, you or our screening staff, can search the directory to find other Rental Housing Professionals members who want to share their experience with the prospective tenant.


Debt Collection

Evictions, midnight move-outs, property damage;  Don’t walk away from money you are owed.  Collection of  judgments, unpaid rent and damages above and beyond a security deposit is a difficult task.  Many times, rental housing owners don’t know how to start the process or even if the money owned can be recovered. 

The Rental Housing Professionals partner with debt collection services to advise and guide you through the process.   We offer a simple online form you fill out and submit electronically.  Then a representative of our collection service will contact you to gather the information needed to begin the process.    It costs nothing to submit a claim.  Collection fees are only applied when money is recovered.   You have nothing to lose by submitting a claim and when we don’t hold irresponsible tenants accountable we encourage irresponsible behavior to continue.