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Multi unit package for sale
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The rents total $15,428 per month ($185,136/year). Taxes are $19,351. Most buildings have new roofs. Each unit has stove and refrigerator.
Rick Davis and I have a package of 8 multi-unit properties that we are selling. My wife retired last month and I am at that point in my life that I want to relax and start enjoying some time with her. The package is 8 properties and a total of 26 units. They are all in Rockford, 4 are 2 units, 3 are 4 units and 1 is a 6 unit. We are asking a total of $1,075,000 for the package. Of the 26 units I believe only 2 are vacant units at this time. We are offering them to RAA members at this time without you paying us any realtor commission. Please contact us quickly as we plan to list them in a day or two. Contact Rick or me and we can get you the property list, rents rolls, etc.
Greg Osen - Tel 815-601-8008
Rick Davis - Tel 815-690-5288
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